Low Beams Stopped Working

Good Evening,

I seem to have a problem Google can’t answer for me, hoping someone here might have some insight.

A week ago today my Low Beams stopped working, I turned on my car and they flashed on like normal, then a split second later went out; Just as the sun was setting too.

After finding a place to leave my car and hitching a ride home, I went back the next day to check it out.

Checked and double checked all the fuses, all were ok (I checked every single fuse, not just the lo beams)
Checked all the wire connections to ensure they are tight.
Replaced the light bulbs, still nothing.
Ordered a new Headlight Switch, and just installed it today, Low Beams still don’t work.

My High Beams, Blinkers, Hazards, Break Lights, and Daylights all work, just not my Low Beams, any clues as to what might the problem be?

2009 Chevy Cobalt, Just under 100k Miles

The electrical path seems to be from the battery to a low-beam relay (under the hood) then to the two bulbs, each are fused (separately) with a their own 10A fuse. Given what you’ve already done, I’d suspect the low beam relay. If not, well, the body control module gets involved with this function too it appears.

If I had this problem, after securing the electrical schematic, I’d probably remove the low beam relay and check with a DVM to see if the enable signal was arriving from the body control module/turn signal/headlight switch at the correct connector pin. If you aren’t able to do this, you might just try replacing the lo-beam relay. It might not be separately replaceable and come as a module with some other relays, don’t know. If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to ask a good auto-electric mechanic to debug it. Best of luck

There’s a low beam relay.