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The night the lights went out in Michigan

Hello folks. I’m a newbie here so be gentle. My daughter owns a 2004 Aveo. She headed out a couple of mornings ago, started her car and her low-beams didn’t turn on. All the other outside lights work, sidemarker, brake, tail etc, etc. Her high-beams work also. I replaced the low-beam relay switch, but that did not cure the problem.

I was wondering if anyone had this problem before. I’ll take any tips or advice. She’s been driving with her high-beams waiting for her dad to help her. So before I go ahead and replace the switch, I want to make sure there isn’t something I’m overlooking.


The bulbs may be burned out…First one goes unnoticed, then the second one goes…

Yep, that or switch, circuit breaker, relay, or wires/connectors in between is all it can be.

Check the fuses. There is probably a separate fuse for the low beam circuit. Are you sure the bulbs are OK? Try a new bulb.

The headlights have separate fuses for high and low beams.

The right side low beam fuse is EF24-10 AMP. The left side low beam fuse is EF23-10 amp. These are located in the under hood fuse block.

The bulbs are not burned out and all fuses are good. So I guess I’m looking at a short somewhere.

I thank all for your replys.

Actually if you had a “short” you would have a blown fuse. You may have an “open” however which means something like a loose wire. A short is a wire touching ground.

The bulbs are not burned out

How did you determine that the lamps are not burned out. Remember that that bright and regular head beams can burn out independently.