No low beams 96' Honda Accord LX


I have a 96’ honda accord LX and I have no low beams. Set on low beams I have no lights. Set on high beams sometime it switches to low beams, then 3 or 4 minute pass and it stays on high beams for the duration of the car ride till I turn the car off.

I have replaced the dimmer relay and the turn signal switch. What’s wrong with it? A guy at auto zone it could be one of my body control modulators, is this it?

Go under your Hood…look in the fuse box…I do believe you have front beam fuses…or relays…look into this ASAP. There may actually be front relays and fuses…all the better…Now you have something to check. Let us know what you find. I just owned this same vehicle for the past 6 years or so…so youd think I would know…LOL>…but I never had to touch my fuses or relays for the headlights… This is worrisome…do you have aftermarket lights or something? Has anyone hacked into the electrical system on this car?

The guy at autozone is incorrect. If you have highbeams, that means the headlight relay, multifunction switch and all fuses are good. The only thing left is the low beam bulbs or the ground. The low beams share the ground point G301, located under the drivers side headlight. The ground for the highbeams is G401 located under the dash on the drivers side.

The ground wires to a specific ground point go to a connecter box attached to the ground point. The connector could have come loose or the pins corroded. Otherwise you have two bad bulbs. Around here, you sometimes see vehicles running around with no low beams and only one high beam working. Its not a problem until the last highbeam burns out.

G301 is probably accessed by going up under the bumper. BTW, if you have a Canadian vehicle with DLR, then none of the above applies.

Here is the schematic from autozones web site

DLR? Is that running lights? The relay for those were burned out, the last mechanic who looked at it replaced the relay but didn’t fix the low beams. Also, my lights don’t automatically come on.

Is it designed to?

I have an engine code for the torque converter, open circuit/solenoid. Is that possibly related to this?

okay. I looked under the bumper on the driver’s side light. I unplugged the connector to the lower light and plugged it back in. I felt around and noticed that the coiled plastic covering was flaky and that there was a wire glued to a piece of metal. Is this the grounding point?

DLR is daylight running lights. This was available on Canadian cars only, not US models. Are you from Canada or was this car originally sold in Canada? There is not a simple relay for DRL, its a complicated module.

If you do have DLR, the first thing to check is the switch on the parking brake. Its a separate circuit from the switch that turns on the brake light on the dash. This switch provides ground to the DLR module when the parking brake is released. If the ground is not provided, then the DLR won’t work, I’m not sure if the low beams would also be affected but the ground to turn on the low beams goes through the DLR module, if you have that feature.

In the factory service manual, the DLR is drawn as a block, no schematics of what’s inside or an explanation of how it works.

We couldn’t find the ground. (Background info: we bought the car with front fender skirts missing.)

However, we did play with the dimmer relay, unplugged it and now the lights are stuck on low beams. Could someone have re-wired the car? I think I’ll leave it with the dimmer relay and be satisfied with this manual solution. I’ll carry around the dimmer relay should I ever require high beams and I’ll just manually plug it in as needed.