Louder turn signal

I’m trying to get a louder turn signal. The only “loud flasher” I can find has two prongs and my car has three, oriented something like this… | __ |. I’m wondering if there are any loud flashers with three prongs. I’ve also seen a wiring kit that supposedly convert three prong systems to two prongs.

I don’t know how many prongs it has, but the loudest flasher I’ve ever heard is in my son’s Ford Focus. It’s way too loud for my liking, but it might be just the thing for you.

The volume of the flasher unit has a lot to do with it’s location and it’s mounting.
To make it louder you’d want it mounted to something that resonates closer to you like a dash trim panel or something.
You could move it by building some jumper wires.

You could keep the stock flasher and add something like this…