Directional Signal Volume

How can i increase the volume of the Directional Signal. Ever since it was new, the directional signal “clicking” has been too low. My Subaru dealer-and others inour area—say they are aware of the issue, but have no fix. I can’t believe they can’t install a simple Pezio buzzer. Help.

I agree that it should be possible to install a 12 volt DC buzzer on the blinker signal wires. It would probably cost you a fee more than you think it should, as there likely is no aftermarket component package to do this from a auto parts store. But an experience auto-elec tech should certainly have the skills to do such a thing, provided you’d be willing to pay for his/her design and parts acquisition time.

You could get lucky too. Maybe there is such a product already. Have you tried Googling “auto turn signal blinker buzzer” or something like that?

The next time you go to a fast-food place, grab a couple of those little cups you put your condiments in.

Locate the flasher unit, and take one of the cups and glue/tape it to the flasher unit.

The cup will amplify the flasher noise.


Excellent idea @Tester !

Try looking for some “heavy duty” flashers for towing trailers. Some of them are very loud.

The problem is that all new cars except for maybe the very cheapest and lousiest have electronic flashers, not the simple 2-pin ones we remember from the 70s and 80s. So you can’t replace it with just anything. Typically these contain a microcontroller and do dual duty as both turn signal and hazard flashers, and may have other functions as well. They also contain programming to mimic the behaviour of the old ones, so if a lamp is out on one side, that side will blink fast like everyone is used to.

Here is something that might help:

And something else:

Excellent post Oblivion.
I was about to suggest a search for devices designed for the hearing impaired through handicap equipment sites. I’ve run across these before, some years ago, for a hearing impaired person.

@"Uncle Ray"‌, I am told you can find a turn signal amplifier at JC Whitney. (