Remedy for a quiet turn signal ticking

On today’s show a caller spoke of not being able to hear the turn signal tick. I drive a Buick Estate Wagon with that same problem. I have never been able to find a different blinker. One day I was in K-Mart and saw a buzzer device that is attached to the fuse block allowing a buzzer to sound when you have left your lights on and the engine is off. I attached it across the flasher. Now it is too loud (-:

I fixed that with a few layers of duct tape and am very happy,
I can hear clearly now.,…

Or you can get what’s called a heavy-duty flasher unit.

These are installed in vehicles where trailer wiring is added if the vehicle didn’t come with trailer wiring. Because it’s a heavy-duty flasher unit it makes more noise when the signal is on and if the trailer wring isn’t added.


they also make a “load” flasher that replacdes the oem flasher unit

thats loud not load sorry

I can recall replacing the OEM flasher on my brother’s '64 VW bug with one from a 1948 (?) Chrysler.

The reason for the replacement was that the OEM unit flashed too slowly. The much bigger Chrysler unit flashed at a more normal rate, and was louder, to boot.

Of course, I did get a somewhat strange look at the parts counter when this 16 year-old walked in and asked for a '48 Chrysler flasher, but I’m sure that the store was happy to unload that old stock from their shelves. Anyway, my brother was delighted with my handiwork.

+1 for Tester. This is what I recommend for family and friends when they get a little older and hard of hearing.

There are also adapters available on the internet for hearing disabled drivers.