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Loud creaking sound when turning to the left at low speeds!

Could someone kindly help me to identify the problem.

I hear this sound when driving slowly at sharp turns from the front passenger side. I hear it only when I am turning to the left, so that the car weight is increased on the passenger side. Also I think when I have someone sitting in the passenger side and I turn to the left the sound is louder. Any suggestions?
I believe the sound is similar to a rusty spring or a door hinge. As it is not always heard I am ruling out the possibility of a bad CV joint despite the sound it made when I moved it with my hand. is this correct?
Also I noticed that when driving with my left wheel on top of a ramp I hear the sound more clearly, again I think it is due to the higher weight on the right side.
could it be the sway bar? it didnt move much when I shake it as you can see in the video.

Also I hear it when driving straight, but on an uneven road with slope towards the passenger side.

I have uploaded a video of the sound and a view of the area behind the wheel.

Thanks in advance