Creaking sound when turning slowly

Saturn ion 2007

I’m getting a creaking sound when turning slowly, I pushed on both front wheels to try to located where the sound is coming from but sound isn’t happening from the suspension, anywhere else where a creak can come from not suspension wise?

Also the car was fine last winter but after letting it sit all summer now the sound appeared

it is probably a ball joint. you can go on you tube and search what a bad ball joint sounds like.

That sort of sound can originate from the plastic parts of the steering column rubbing each other as the steering wheel turns. Listen carefully in the area where the rotating part meets up with the fixed part of the steering column as you turn the steering wheel back and forth a little with the engine off.

Ball joints/strut bearings are another common source. For those, sometimes its possible for one person to turn the steering wheel and a helper to listen below to ID the location of the creaking sound using a length of old garden hose as a stethoscope. Make sure car is fully secured so it doesn’t move of course. It might be helpful to compare the sounds with the front wheels on the ground fully weighted vs the wheels lifted.

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Along with the other ideas, a bad bearing\bushing on top side of strut can creak.


If it was a strut wouldn’t it make the noise when compressing the front end of the car ? Rather then turns only

The bad ball joint videos sound like a thunk / clunk kinda sound, they also mentioned it usually occurs over bumps. Mine is doing it when making slow turns like stop signs, parking lots etc

It does make the sound with the car parked but sounds under the car so tomorrow I’ll have to get a helper and hopefully located it for further advice.

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a bad ball joint will also squeak when turning the wheel. it usually is the first step in it going bad.

The strut also turns left and right with the wheel. You can observe this as someone turns the wheel. A bad strut bearing can be heard at the top of the strut while someone turns the wheel.

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This type of noise can also come from a strut downlink. Cheap to replace.

No. Have someone turn the wheel while you watch the strut. Then you will understand.