Lost relay

where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1998 vw beetle? I ordered a new one at the auto parts store thinking it would be easy to find after i seen it but there is nothing that looks like it under the dash. The number on the new one is 409 i checked with the parts store to be sure i have the right one but they were no help on finding it.

From what I’ve been able to find, the relay panel is mounted just behind and below the headlight switch - actually right behind the diagnostic plug. Access to this relay is from beneath the dash. Remove the driver’s-side under-dash flat plastic panel with a Torx screwdriver (T20) you only need to remove the three screws at the front edge). You should be able to access the relay from there

I have looked there and even taken the front of the dash cover off that covers the headlight switch and still can’t find it.

the owners manual should tell you where the relays are located
if not try autozone web site amnd use their parts location section in the repair section for your car

X’s 2 what Jim said. Very strange that the owners manual does’nt tell you this.

Many cars have a second fuse/relay box under the hood.

I found the relay… and it fixed the car!!! just so others who might have the same problem will know the new realy is number 409 and it replaces the old realy number 167. They look nothing alike and even after pulling the old one out they don’t even have the same number of pins… but I am sure that is because the new one replaces the realy on several of other cars. Anyway the problem is solved and the car is running.

Tell your honey you want a Chiltons or Haynes Manual for Christmas

While I hate to be a wet blanket here, you should keep in mind that fuel pump relays are not very prone to failure at all. When a relay does fail it’s usually due to the contacts inside of the relay being burned due to current arcing.

The arcing is often made worse by a dragging fuel pump, which means it’s worn and consuming much more current than a normal pump does.
If the pump has never been changed then don’t be surprised if somewhere down the road the pump dies.