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94 Buick Park Ave Ultra 3.8 Supercharged

Can anyone out there help me locate the fuel pump relay on this vehicle. I have tried Mitchel’s on Demand, AlData, Motor, Hayes, one Buick dealer and I still can’t find it. Firewall bank has 6 beneath the two clusters of large fuses and under the dash at the passenger side is a row of about 6 but smaller. I get no fuel pump action or sound when the ignition is turned on.

Please help if you can. Thanks.

recheck…all of those sources do list the location (its in the owners manual also,not to be a smart a## ,but you are the guy who says yep I checked all the fuses,I walk down and find 2 blown…
try a little harder.

good luck

I just looked on Mitchel’s, and it states,“In Passenger Compartment Relay Center, Behind Right Side Of Dash.” So one of those six smaller ones is the fuel pump relay. Which one? All you can do is it pull one relay at a time, and then take a jumper wire and plug it into the secondary side of the relay socket to listen if the fuel pump runs with the ignition on.


The fuel pump will run for only 1 or 2 seconds when the ignition is switched to RUN. If the fuel line is already pressurized, the fuel pump will, likely, just “thump” once and, then, be quiet. It won’t run because it doesn’t need to run if there is already fuel pressure. Also, the engine computer (ECM) won’t let the pump run if the engine isn’t running (or, being cranked).
GM cars (Buick is one), sometimes have the fuel pump relay by itself, in a plastic cylinder, on the left inner fender well, under the hood. It has a flip top with the words “Fuel Pump Relay”.
The #6 fuse (20A) sends power to the fuel pump relay, and the electronic ignition module.