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Need help identifying a part

I was driving my car and i could smell something weird so i took it too my dad and he told me that this part was damaged and needed to be replaced ASAP, It would be really great if someone could help me figure out the name of this part. my car is a 94’ camaro V6 if that helps at all. Thank you in advance

Looks like a heater hose/bypass hose coupler. I haven’t researched the part but this may be something that is only available from the Chevy dealer or as used from a salvage, eBay vendor, etc.

Another option would be a work-around by making something up using various barbs and pipe fittings.

Give us a hint…This part was attached to:
The engine, near the front
The engine, near the back
The firewall
The inner front fender
Under the car someplace
under the dashboard
it caused a coolant leak

Take it to the chevy dealer and have him identify it and order you a new one. Looks like something from the EGR or crankcase evap system to me, but @ok4450 could be right, too. Did lots of green liquid steam and spew all over? If so @ok4450 is right, if not I might be. Chevy can help.

it has something to do with the coolant system and its right above the water pump.

it had antifreeze in it

You’ll need to go to a Chevy dealer, part in hand, and see if they have one in stock. I’d rather do that then buy a potentially corroded one from a junkyard.

I had no luck finding it using multiple parts sources. You might have to use creative engineering and bypass it…It must be some sort of heater bypass device…

Idem # 150; Pipe, heater inlet.

Contact a GM dealer.

Nice job Nevada! Now, for 200 extra points, what is the GM part number?

Thank you so much guys, This info has made my search so much easier. also like caddyman said, the part number would be nice to have too if its not too much

If it’s unobtainable, a good welding shop might be able to patch yours up.

The Chevrolet parts dealer should be able to pull that thing up very quickly and it may not be as expensive as one would think.

The downside could be that since your Camaro is a '94 this means it likely has the 3.4 V-6 and that part may be considered obsolete by now. Whether they stock or can even get that part anymore could be a flip of the coin.

If worse comes to worse and you have difficulty obtaining that part you could do a net search for American Camaro and Firebird in Warr Acres, OK and contact them. That’s the only models they deal in and have been around for quite a while.
I have no vested interest in mentioning them by name. Just used them as a parts source with no problems.

Part Number 10189204 Available from GM parts direct, about $65…Double check that this is the correct part as there are several similar