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Power steering fluid leak

from comments some have made, i’ve got the feeling wire clothes hangers, duct tape, & screw clamps may be handy,;>). there appears to be a security cage around the fitting where the hose connects to the pump. i’m hoping for some relative suggestions as to , dealer fix or me fix reguarding dollar&cents and difficulty of task? thanks to anyone that comments!

Year? Mileage? Engine?

You ain’t gonna fix this with cloths hangers, duct tape, and or hose clamps. Your power steering system is a hydraulic system, the fluid gets pressurized every time you turn the wheel. If you have a leak, you need to replace the part that’s leaking. If it’s a hose, repklace the hose. If it’s the rack, replace the rack. If it’s the pump, replace the pump. If you don’t know what’s leaking, find out.