Name this part?

Help! While working on my radiator hose I noticed this part connected to my engine block looked loose and sure enough it popped off when I touched it. Now I can’t get it back on, and my car won’t start, although it tries. It had two tiny thin wires coming out the bottom but one of them promptly broke off. It’s on the right side of the engine block going into a very small bowl- looking thing. I might be able to replace it myself but I cannot figure óut what it is beyond knowing it’s something electrical. on a '97 Rav4. Any help is greatly appreciated!

The sensor broke in half, part of the sensor is stuck inside the connector. Post a picture of the sensor/mounting location.

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Trying to think of a broken sensor attached to the block that would prevent starting. I presume you mean it cranks ok (that rrr rrr rrrr sound), but won’t catch and run. About the only thing I can think of is the crank position sensor. Maybe explain in more detail where this part is located on the block. Is it down low on the block? Midway up? At the top? Is the check engine light on?

Or maybe its the oil pressure sender. If it failed completely, that might prevent starting the engine.

Find another similar Rav4 and inspect it.

My best guess is the crank position sensor.

Parts are so cheap and labor so expensive I replace parts that could be the problem and, if they aren’t, accept the cost. If you can take it off a person at the parts place may can identify it.

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