Bmw 528 1998


Annual maintenance reported "

thrust rod bushings (cracked and separated)".

BMW guy told me repair could wait until next year.

It sounds serious. I would be willing to spend the $685 and repair now. Help.

Other repairs needed: ball joints loose on both lower control arms $850. Knocking/loose stabilizer links $350. Joints loose on rear stabilizer links $325.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Help with the $685? Sorry, no can do. Broke.

BMW is commonly believed to stand for “Brought My Wallet”. Unfortunately, their repair costs are higher that most other makes. It’s part of the package.

Loose chassis parts can be dangerous. I’d be extremely reluctant to drive around on loose ball joints. I’ve seen the results of a ball joint letting go. It isn’t pretty. If you can’t afford to fix the car, perhaps you should sell it as-is, fully disclosing the needed repairs, and consider something easier on the budget.

I mean my comments with respect. Many young folks who buy BMWs don’t fully appreciate the cost of ownership until they find out something needs repair.

Thank you for the advice. I didn’t mean help with the cost. But I know you are kidding.

I have owned the car for its entire life. So I am used to the cost. I just didn’t trust the advice to wait.

Appreciate your candor. I drive grandchildren around in this car; I like to keep it in tip top shape.

Apologies. I meant no disresppect. Yours sounded like the post of a youngster that bought a used BMW blindly.

I’d price shop, or use the shop that did the quote if you have a long relationship with them and trust them, but I’d definitely get the work done. The thrust rod is the upper control arm, and if these bushings are shot to the point of seperation this can seriously affect the control of the vehicle. Ball joints and stab arms are also critical control articulations.

Sincere best.

No offense taken. I just appreciate the reply. I sound inexperienced because I am. I still know nothing about cars. That’s why I have owned two BMWs. I really trust the car because it tells me when something is wrong. Literally, the displays on the dash are incredible.! However, I have had this car longer than the last. (It has 88,000 miles even though it is 12 years old). And, I have had good experience with the dealership on repairs. This time I am disappointed with the advice I got from them. I think the contact guy wanted to get out early for the holiday weekend.And he couldn’t reach me to get the new work approved.

So, thanks again. I am making an appointment as soon as I can reach them on Tuesday.

Have a beautiful holiday. You’ll be fine for the weekend.

All of these prices are astronomical (I have done every job listed except the rear stabilizer links). Front links take minutes to install (almost like wiper blades, very common failure)many mechanics get carried away with the “no more than .0001 play in a ball joint” (will come with new lower control arm) and the thrust rod bushings can go forever (you will start feeling the front wheel assembly rock a little when they are really bad) I have seen some loose ball joints and worn parts like those listed, they are never a “right now” thing (mainly just nusiance noises) and again prices are all wrong.

The only thing that you mention that COULD be a worry is the ball joints, but if they were so loose that they posed a threat, he would have made that clear to you, so I would agree that all of this stuff can wait until it is convenient for you to do it.

Prices are a bit high. My favorite independent shop that specializes in German cars would do all these things for about $1000 total parts and labor. You could do it yourself if you are willing to add a few new tools to your collection and you have a garage to work in. If you don’t already have most of the tools, you might just break even on the $$ and end up with some tools you might never use again.