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Updates on stolen '03 Stratus (repair or not repair)

Well, I had the car towed to a shop today. They said the thieves wrecked my steering column and that I may need an ECM along with a new steering column. The cheapest it will be is $500. Given that it is and '03 car, with 190K on it, I am not sure if it is worth repairing it.
What do you think I should do if repairing is not an option? Can I get anything for selling it as is?
Please give me some opinions!

In my area scrapyards are paying 350 for a car. Tempting money when there is guesswork involved.

Just to make sure, are you saying that insurance isn’t covering this?

To me an '03 Stratus with 190K is living on borrowed time- I drove a 96" Breeze with 180K to the junkyard a year ago, and they shared a lot of mechanicals. But if you are not leaking or burning oil, and the brakes are good, putting $500 to get a car- any car- that runs isn’t too bad. I got $400 for mine, but it didn’t need towing.


I already asked him about the insurance, in his previous posting

He said the insurance wasn’t dealing with it, as he only had liability

I didn’t realize there was a previous thread. This discussion should have been there, not in a new thread.

Sorry, I am new to the forum. And I am a she :slight_smile:

Here is the latest from the mechanic: it needs a new steering column and may need a new electronic part (that matches the column to the key to start the car). The repair ranges from 400-700, they cannot know if the electronic part will need to be replaced until the put the new column… Apparently Stratus are very hard to bypass the ignition (ironically that is how they stole it). So, fix or not fix???

Like the others, I think its time to move on. They are talking about messing with the security system and I wouldn’t trust them. I don’t think this is a straight forward repair.

Now that its tax day, what you can do is junk the car and take the $350 - $500 or whatever you get, and the balance of what the car should have been worth can be taken as a casualty loss on your taxes. Be very careful though and keep records. I can’t be sure though if you have to itemize or not and if there is a floor that you have to get over first but might help mitigate your loss a little.