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Loose seatbelts

My son’s 1982 Chevy S-10 has a seatbelt problem. The lap belts tighten ok, but the shoulder harnesses are loose. How can we fix this?

More Information, Please. How Loose Are They? If You Were To Lean Forward And Then Back, Would The Belts’ Reels Take Up The Slack Or Would The Harnesses Sag?

The reels should take up the slack, but the shoulder belts may feel “loose” because they are designed to allow body movement.

Inertia reel seat belts are designed so that occupants can move without being confined, but “lock” when the vehicle stops suddenly. You can try tugging very quickly on the harness to see if it locks or make a fairly quick, short stop (in a safe place without traffic present) and lean against the harnesses and see if they tighten in position.

Where are the retractors? Are they at the bottom of the door’s lock pillar beneath some plastic trim? Is this truck nice and “clean” or is it rusty? Traditionally seat belts/shoulder harnesses are not repaired, but rather replaced when they don’t work.