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How many here block the seat belt spring from retracting due to discomfort on a long drive?

On a long drive I use a clip or something as the constant pull of the seat belt causes me back and derriere pain. Any one else?

Not me, But other things start bothering me about the 12 hour mark.

Nope, hasn’t been a problem for me. They used to sell those belt clips and my 74 Olds had them on the shoulder belt. I’d be a little careful putting too much slack in the belt.

I’m the opposite. I like the belt to be snug so that I know I’m not sliding anywhere in an emergency maneuver, so I usually pull it tighter when I fasten it. It doesn’t bother me physically.

Are you sure your seat bottom is angled correctly to give you proper thigh support? Have you tried taking your wallet out of your back pocket?

I have a going bad hip, but have no bottom seat angle adjustment. the constant pull of the seat belt leads to a burning feeling from being pulled into the seat, and back pain in all the cars I have eer owned since 1990. No wallet or anything in my back pocket, but @lion9car that is an excellent suggestion for everyone. And @bing I usually leave maybe 4 fingers of slack in the seat belt.

+1 to lion9car’s comment.

None Of The Belts In Our GM Cars Pull, Same With The Caravan. I Believe They All (Seriously) Have “Rocket Fuel” Powered Pre-tensioners That Go Off Milliseconds Prior To Air Bag Deployment, That Yank The Belts Tight.

I think it’s your car. Make, Model, Model-Year?


Was 91 toyota pickup, o3 ford ranger. 03 windstar, 15 kia optima. 03 trailblazer, even work vehicles, 03 f250, 05 liberty. Starting to sound more like my sensitivity

I don’t have the problem in my car, but my neighbor’s Honda has a system that keeps getting tighter and tighter as it rolls. In his car I have to do something to prevent it from acting like a boa constrictor.

I’ve had that problem riding in cars with the 3-point seat belts before. But never with either of my two current vehicles. My truck only has lap belts, and my Corolla has two separate belts, one for the lap, and one for the shoulder. On the downside, that configuration is a little more inconvenient since you have to fasten both belts, but on the upside, its considerably more comfortable.

I drove tractor trailer with some tractors having floor mounted belts and either spring or air ride seats. This would tighten the belt on every bump until the things would be cutting me in half. That would take about 15 minutes so I never wore them while driving truck.

Seat belts in a heavy truck ane not as much safety help as in a car. Their only real benefit is keeping you in the cab if the door comes open. A tractor trailer just can’t stop as fast as a car in a crash unless it hits something truly immovable like a bridge abutment. In that case you are going to be squashed like a bug when the trailer(s) hit you in the back.

I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem that I could trace to the seat belt. I do get a sore butt and a tight low back when I drive a long way, and it’s certainly better when the seat is higher and my knees are bent. And it was better when I was 25. Now, at 70, I just complain. No one listens anymore anyway.

The belt on my 1995 Avalon is comfortable no matter how long a trip. On my 1979 Toyota Celica, I use the clips that came with the car (they slide for adjustment).On my 1970 Chevelle, I don’t have to worry. They’re not under spring pressure (and they’re separate belts for harness and lapbelt)

What did you say?

Now I don’t mind if Tom wants to revive a 6 month old discussion but my question is, why when you click on the thing, it doesn’t go to the current response? Instead ya havta scroll through all the other responses and look at the dates (including mine) to get to the one that revived the discussion?