'93 Escort Seat Belts



My girlfriend’s daughter is panicky because the seat belts in my '93 Escort don’t hold fast when pulled suddenly as do the centrifugal lock style belts on some cars do. I don’t know why this is the case on the Escort and I can’t definitively explain that the seat belts are safe. Part of my insurance program includes being Careful, but I’d like to explain that these seat belts will hold in the event of a crash. I just don’t know how. This car has the old favorite wrap around seat belts when the door closes - Mazda had them too in those days and some others. The driver’s side hasn’t worked in years, but it’s retracted and I just put it over my head when I get in. Any help is appreciated.


Pulling fast and/or hard on a seatbelt won’t lock it.

I have a '02 Tahoe and the same thing happens when I just pull fast.

Now, accelerate down the road or in an empty parking lot and hit the brakes hard. It jams immediately.

If it doesn’t, then replace it. Simple as that.

You know where the bodies end up in a crash when the seatbelt isn’t used or broken.



Quote: “I can’t definitely explain that the seatbelts are safe”.

“but I’d like to explain that these seatbelts will hold in the event of a crash”. end quote.

The only way you would know if in fact these seatbelts will hold you safely in place is IF you crashed the vehicle yourself while wearing these seatbelts.

So, my question to you is, have you?