Seat belt lock down

2003 Ford f-150 supercrew Got into a light front end collision. Airbags deployed and was not wearing my seatbelt. Drove away from the accident. I have replaced both airbags, but the seatbelts are in a full retracted position. Have been checking the yards for replacement belts with not much luck, Ford wants $680 for replacement belts and retractors, too expensive. Is there a way to get the current belts to unretract without the ridiculous expense or replacing them altogether?

I’m not an expert on this sort of thing, but one of our cars – can’t even remember which – had a seat belt that was stuck retracted once. As I recall, all I had to do was take it out and study it for a while and it came to me how to release it with a screwdriver. Since you can’t use the seatbelt as is, and you’ll need to take it out to replace it, why not take it out and see what you can do?

You’re supposed to replace the seatbelts after an impact. They have a section that stretches, and it is a one time stretch.

He was not wearing the seatbelt so no stretch but I do think that the seatbelt pretensioners have been enabled. I cannot give advice on how to get past this, sorry.

There used to be some sort of a pendulum weight in the retractor that would lock the belt in the event of a big impact. I’d do what was suggested and take the retractor off and search inside for something that is jamming the pulley and holds in place because of the coiled spring.

Your explosive pre-positioners have fired. You probably can’t fix your belts. I could almost bet on it.