Loose fan on mitsubishi mighty max


My fan assembly on my 1988 Mitsubishi mighty max is loose. When I start it, it looks and sounds like it’s going to fall off! I couldn’t see on the assembly where to tighten it. Please advise! It seems like an easy DIY project, if I can only find out where to put my wrench!


Don’t know muchabout the Mitsubishi, but if the fan is running off the Water pump shaft, I would also suspect the water pump is failing. Fans usually only have about four nuts or bolts that hold them on.


Thanks, but it looks like the fan is mounted straight onto the front of the engine. It’s just loose, and I need to know where the nut/bolt is to tighten it.


What appears to be the front of the engine is really the end of the water pump. The pulley is sort of bell shaped and covers the end so you can’t see it clearly. There might be a viscous fan clutch between the pump and the fan itself. If there is noise and the pulley is wobbling, the water pump bearings are bad. The pump needs to be replaced.

If the fan itself is merely loose, you should be able to see the four bolts holding the fan and clutch assembly to the pulley. Or if any of the bolts have fallen out, you should be able to see where they were.