Wobbling radiator fan and coolant leak with no hose puncture or hole

The radiator fan is wobbling and there was a coolant leak but no hole or puncture in the coolant hose. The belt fell off the pulley system and hood started smoking.

What would your question be?

Bad water pump at least, other damage now I bet.

I was trying to figure out what the issue would be and how to fix it. I read that it could be the water pump or the fan clutch but wasn’t sure the legitimacy of those.

Wobbly fan could be either, add a leak and thrown belt means it’s the pump, at a minimum.

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So the fan is actually fine along with the water pump…the issue is I’m missing something to attach the fan to the water pump with, any idea on what that would be?

??? You have the fan separated from the engine?? Please describe in detail how what you have now is different from the original configuration (google a pic).

Would that be a fan clutch wrench set?


What year/engine/miles?