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1991 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Transmission problem

So in my infinite wisdom when a manual transmission doesn’t want to go in first or second when at a stop I simply rammed it into first. Which promptly disappeared along with all other gears except reverse. Reverse did however decide it would like to change location to where second used to be. All this while at one of the busiest lights in town. I luckily was able to reverse into a business parking lot and then home two blocks away where she now sits backed in… A little more info, the clutch was not fully disengaging at the point this happened. So if I were in 2nd and pushed on the clutch I could rev the engine and the car would still slightly move. Im guessing that’s why it didn’t want to go into gear and I clearly angered her good, by attempting to force my way in. Any idea what I messed up? The car cost all of 100 bucks and has bunches of miles and if the odometer worked I could tell you how many…lol… So unless a transmission is 200 bucks or she’s repairable, she’s getting scrapped. Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a couple problems: Weak or failing clutch hydraulics (or even just low on fluid), and - most likely due to slamming it around - weak/failing shift linkage. Neither of which is expensive, if you can do the work yourself. If you can’t, then you’ll exceed your $200 limit very rapidly.

Having said that, neither really is cause to junk it, as both are pretty easily fixable by anyone with a few mechanical skills. Small trucks are still desirable for many people, especially those doing little fix-it jobs, as they’re cheap to run, and can carry a fair amount of “stuff”…providing it’s not really in too much of a mess.

Thanks chaissos, Can I work on the shift linkage without pulling the tranny? I’m mechanical in general (I do the oil and tuneups/ water pump replacement, rebuilt a few carbs) I have never done anything but replace the fluid in a transmission though. They are a mystery to me. I didn’t mention I just got the truck about a month ago and this was only the third time driving it. When its cold it shifts fine, but after about 10 minutes of driving she stopped liking 1st, then I had the incident above.

Normally, yes. If the linkage is connected directly to the transmission, then you can pull the console, remove the rubber covers and pull the linkage, normally with 4 small bolts. If it’s a remote linkage (like a column shift), then you’ll have to look at it for damage or bent parts. I’m not familliar with your truck specifically, but I’ve done linkage on cars (like Corolla’s, shifter bolted to the tranny), and on older Chevy trucks (column shifters). Neither required transmission removal.

Check to make sure the hydraulics are working and the clutch is releasing, too. You don’t want to fix anything and then mess it up because you have to force it into a gear.

I can’t be sure there’s nothing wrong with the transmission, but it doesn’t sound like it (to me) from what you’ve said so far.