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Best Headunit for Shaker 500 system - 2005 Mustang

The headunit is simply awful and apparently it has been a constant problem for others. It skips terribly and often can’t read disks.
Anyone have any suggests for a new head unit? I am looking to replace it rather than buy something refurbished as the original Shaker doesn’t have an auxillary port for ipods and such. I would prefer something plug and play and at the very least can make use of the existing speakers for now and consider replacing those later. bawlin on a budget.

These guys can help you out a lot, and sell you what will work best for you. They often include freebies specifically to help you install the goods in your specific car as well:

It’s purely subjective, but I think that Sony makes some of the best car audio. I don’t like their cheesy graphics, and some of their features could be better implemented, but judging my my ears in a search for two different head units over the last 5 or so years, Sony sounded the best. Kenwood was a close second, but lacked the power and their user interface was a pain. I’ve also had no trouble whatsoever with their (Sony’s) units. Build quality seems good. My gf has had one in her SUV for 5 years and I’ve had one for about 3. No problems. No one channel going out like Alpine is notorious for.

If I were you, I’d go to “Best Buy” or one of the myriad car stereo stores around and listen to everything they have, then look online for reviews of your short list and best prices. Crutchfield isn’t the cheapest, but they are great with customer service, and their techs know what they’re doing. It’s worth paying $20 more to get a unit from them instead of some no-name company that will desert you after your payment clears. Just my 2¢.

I have never had a problem with Alpine headunits i’m using there flagship CDA-9887 for over 3 years not problems it does everthing i want and more. the most imporant thing is been comfortable the units controls are bad and otheres our really bad . oblivion is correct about 1 thing Kenwoods our a pain in the but do have very good sound and there Exchoen line is quit good lots of clean power. I perfor to deal with an indepent shop they know there products better and do a much better job of installtion

I second the recommendation, they are my ‘go-to’ place for aftermarket car audio.

Whatever you choose, spend a few extra bucks and get an adapter cable. The cable will splice directly to your new unit’s wiresright on your kitchen table using easy to follow directions and allow your new unit to plug directly into your original wiring harness with no butchering. It’s well worth the few extra bucks. Adapter plugs are available at WalMart, Sears, and/or any car audio system installer…

Crutchfield isn't the cheapest, but they are great with customer service, and their techs know what they're doing.
Actually I found Crutchfield to be CHEAPER then Best Buy or other discount stores near me. The unit may be cheaper at Best Buy...but when you add in the mounting hardware and wiring adds up. Crutchfield offers the mounting hardware and wiring kit for FREE. So no extra costs.

And Crutchfield has detailed, car-specific instructions, which were invaluable for us putting in a new head unit in our Forester.