Looking for feedback on Yokohama Avid TRZ tires

I am considering buying these tires for my Camry. The car is used as a commuter going ~10k miles per year. The winter months I mount a full set of blizzaks. For the summer tires, I put more emphasis on their wet handling and low road noise than wear resistance. If they go 40k miles, I’ll be happy.

Anyone have experience with these tires and willing to share your experience good or bad?


Consumer Reports loves them and I thought they were pretty good on my 2000 Honda Accord. Unfortunately, one month after purchasing them, my wife totaled the car. Score: Chevy Suburban 1, Honda Accord 0.

Go to the tirerack.com and you can look at hundreds of reviews for just about any tire.

I did that already.
That was #1 on the list of methods to get information due mainly to availability.
This is a much more valuable avenue IMO. If I can find someone with real life experience and have a conversation, I hope to get better information. People who fill out surveys tend to be driven to do so by questionable motivation.

Thanks anyway bloody knucks! Sorry to hear of your misfortune and I hope your wife was not seriously injured…

I’ve got a set of these tires on my Nissan Maxima. They’ve been great, absolutely no complaints. They have excellent traction in the rain, and I don’t notice any excessive road noise. They should make it to 40k miles easily. The tires on my car have about 15k miles on them and appear to be wearing very well. I plan to buy a set for our other car (Camry) sometime this summer.

Wow, that’s great! It’s very reassuring to know you’ll be a repeat buyer too. You answered all my questions and I really appreciate the time and effort to respond. THANKS!

These tires separated at high speed and caused the vehicle to roll over. My son lived & a forensic engineer determined the tire was defective. Yokohama wormed, lied and then “lost” the tire to avoid taking responsibility. I put up a site to tell people about their behavior & have heard from hundreds with similar stories. Poor wear, delams, blowouts… Yokohama’s reaction never varies. Read some of the complaints I’ve gotten at http://www.yokohama-tires-suck.com.

was the tire(s) properly inflated to the specified amount on the placard in the door jamb?