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2 very late follow-ups

Since there are many complaints about people who don’t follow up, I thought I would follow up on two questions I asked earlier

1) Some time ago, I asked about new tires for my Mazda6: priorities being handling in wet or dry weather, to a lesser degree gas mileage and wear, and snow/ice handling (because of where I live) being almost irrelevant. I ended up getting a set of Yokohama Avid V4S tires, after researching reviewer/customer comments on I was amazed at how much better my car rode/handled. :slight_smile: However, the person who put them on said that Yokos don’t last, implying he would have chosen a set of Michelins. I wound up having a flat some months later, too (my first in 20 years of driving) :frowning: So far though (a little less than a year), the others have been fine.

2) I also asked about snow chains on a Mazda6–owners’ manual prohibits, but needed for drives on I-80 in the winter if it snows, per the CHP. I first tried the thinnest set of cables I could find on-line. Just trying to install them, I could see they wouldn’t safely clear the wheel well. Finally, this month, I broke down and ordered a set of Spikes-Spiders (expensive–over $300/a set) My mechanic installed the hubs, and the Spiders themselves appear to fit with no clearance issues. I guess eventually I’ll find out how they do in the snow.


Thanks for the update. I have owned only one set of Yokohama tires (not Avids, but Aegis), and they wore out prematurely on our 99 Subaru. The Subaru has run successfully on Kelly and BF Goodrich branded tires, so far. Of course, almost any tire is superior to the OEM Bridgestones on Subarus, but I don’t think I am being overly critical here.

I’m not overly fond of Michelin, either, since I currently am on a second set of 80K warranted Michelins (on a Mazda MPV), and they are wearing out about 40K miles each time. I have several friends who swear by Michelins on their cars, though.

I am running both Yokohama’s on two cars and Michelin M&S on Jeep Cherokee in Mo…
Way to soon to report but my tire guy said to rotate at 5000-6000 by them to insure max. mileage. I have got free rotation since a got all three sets at there shop. They monitor the rotation di
rection and check balance, also. (I watch them do so)
I have had the Jeep back twice fore rebalance. There is nothing wrong on suspension, shocks or damper. Older Jeep stock wheels are a “bear”. But they say they will keep at it.