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Looking for a good and cheap mechanic in Pittsburgh PA, pref near Regent Square

My car is a '97 Toyota Corolla so it’s naturally got to quirks to it. Does anyone know of a reliable and affordable mechanic in Pittsburgh, preferably nearish to Regent Square?

Have you looked in the Mechanics Files section of this site? Also check in the “auto repair” category.

A lot of great and knowledgeable people here can try and guide you through repairing the problem yourself if you do not mind a little wrenching and contorting and skinned knuckles.

Mechanic recommendation are not typically done here. The best way to find a good mechanic is by asking friends, co-workers, relatives etc for recommendations. Then tell the owner of the shop you decide on who it was that recommended them to you. The shop owner will then have a reason to do a good job for a reasonable price, as if he doesn’t not only will he lose you as an ongoing customer, he’ll likely lose the established customer who offered up the recommendation too. A little leverage like that can work wonders.