Finding a really good toyota mechanic

I have a 95, toyota corolla wagon with 180,000 miles, I had a great mechanic
in Maryland, I live in Massachusetts on the north shore. I would like to find
an honest, toyota mechanic who knows maintenance schedules and uses
toyota parts and really knows toyotas. so I can feel safe driving my car,
I am thinking of driving to Maryland to have my car serviced

First, I’d click on ‘mechanics files’ above and see if there’s a good one near you. I’ve used this several times with good results. I’d also ask around, see if folks you know can recommend one.

As texases said, check out mechanics files with your zip code.

I owned two Corollas in the past, and the two mechanics I used could pull up and use Toyota maintenance schedules from their computer based reference file to perform required maintenance without any issues. You can choose a mechanic, discuss the use of Toyota parts as your preference with him, and probably get proper maintenance from him without any issues. Toyotas are not difficult to work on and have few unique peculiarities.