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Pennsylvania Car inspection

I am looking for a decent mechanic who can inspect my 1993 Corolla, Preferrably in Philadelphia, but will take it anywhere nearby if the mechanic is a good person. I moved to PA last year and figured I had to get some repairs done in order to get the inspection sticker. Hoping not to spend too much this year.

Check with neighbors and people at work. You will get a lot more answers than here. You might get some here, but not as many as you will near home. Keep a list of the responses you get. Eventually, you will find an honest shop that gets a lot of positive responses.

The biggest issue in PA inspection is the brakes. They pull all 4 wheels and measure the brake pads, rotors, and brake shoes. If any are low or rotors are thin, they will hit you up for a brake job. They also check that all bulbs work, wiper blades are OK, and there are no significant cracks in the windshield. It is a pretty through inspection. In Philly and most cities they also do an emissions test.

Do you want an inspection or are you just looking for a new sticker? The two are not necessarily the same…

I always had good experiences with Rose Auto, a father and son operation when I still lived in NE Philly. They were not the least expensive, but the work was done right the first time. The son has the business now. They are in the “Mechanics Files” on this site and here is a link to their website.

Ed B.

If Newtown Square is feasible I would recommend Steve at Fritch’s Oceanic on Newtown Road just across from Gentile’s Market,where you can find well priced and good produce. Might as well get some enjoyment while satisfying the state.

I don’t know anything about PA inspections, but my son got treated right at Wayne’s Garage, 4521 Springfield Ave 19143.

Click on “mechanics files” above and find one near you.