Sounds as if my cars doors are unlocking and locking when I am driving

The issue began around July/August of this year. It sounds as if the car locks are attempting to lock and unlock while I am driving. It is a clicking sound. The doors will automatically lock when the car is going at 10 mph - this is normal. The locking/unlocking sound sometimes will start within 5 minutes and other times within 30 minutes - it is totally random. This does not happen every day but it is definitely monthly and has lasted anywhere from 3 days to 10 days. The other noise associated with it comes from the console on the passenger side. It is a clicking sound. This sound happens during the locking/unlocking sound but on intermittent cycles. The doors never become unlocked while I am driving. I purchased the car new.

Check your owner’s manual. There is a procedure in some of them that lets you opt out of the automatic door locking mode. My wife’s Oldsmobile did this and we just opted out. She always locks her doors before driving anyway so the auto feature was not needed in her case. If you want to have this auto feature then you may have to get a good independent mechanic to replace the faulty relay.

Greta; if you go to the dealer, they can reprogram the locks to manual in no time. My Toyota did this and it was annoying. There will be a procedure in your owner’s manual, but I found it hard to follow.

If it sill clicks after putting it on manual, you need it fixed by a good tech. Repair shops specializing in electrical and accessories can do this for a lot less than the dealer.

It could be a bad switch or sensor, or even a wire in the system failing due to a short, or break, as I get older and my cars do also I find I can live without certain things working like they used to. If you can live with @Docnick I like it.

Is the car still under warrantee?

Be sure to inspect the wiring that goes through the hinge area into the doors. Each door. The constant opening and closing of the door can chafe the wire insulation there, intermittently short out, and cause this kind of problem.

There is a micro switch on each door, and the liftgate if your car has one. If one of the switches is either bad or a door needs adjustment the switch could send a false signal that activates the door locks.

Does this happen when you hit a bump in the road?

Have you ever seen a quick flash of the door adjar light on the instrument cluster?

If so, then have a dealer or body shop check for a door that needs adjusting and/or have the switches tested for proper function.

Knowing the make, model, and year of the car would help.

My 2013 Murano is doing this same thing. At the same time the doors are locking and unlocking the dash flashes that the back hatch is open (when it’s not). Also, my car alarm will randomly go off in parking lots. We had it to the dealership who ran a diagnostic and no codes showed up. He said if it was the back hatch the part would cost $700 + labor. Confused as to what may be causing these problems. Any help is appreciated.

I would suggest that you start a new thread of your own so there is no confusing who is being provided answers to…you or the original poster from 4 years ago…

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Uncle Turbo: I have a 2014 Nissan Murano which locks and unlocks as we drive down the road and hit bumps. The alarm will also randomly go off. The dash indicates it is the back hatch. I took the panel off and located 2 little green switches, which I believe are the micro switches you referenced. What is the best way to test them? Can they be adjusted closer to the associated moving part? I’m guessing the switch is partial working as this problem only happens intermittently… Which leads me to believe the switch might need adjustment. Also, I did not adjust the back hatch, but I did tighten every accessible bolt on the hinges and on the latch assembly.

jhtallent: Were you ever able to solve the problem with your murano random locking and unlocking? I have the same exact issue on my murano.