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Locked Ignition

2001 Honda CRV. Key will not turn. Lights work, steering wheel is not locked up, clutch in but key will not respond.
Interior light goes on when key removed. Key will simply not turn.

Try spraying a lubricant like wd-40 into the ignition switch, using the straw to get it all the way in.

sounds like the ignition switch needs changed. It is wearing out and parts are loose.

Did you try a different key?

There are two things involved…The column lock the key goes into and the ignition switch which may be located some distance away from the column lock…A mobile locksmith before you break off the key…

Wrong key?

Turn the key upside down and try?

Does the key still work the doors?

May be a worn out key, or a worn out lock cylinder. If you are sure it is the right key, and don’t have another, sometimes getting a key made off of the one that doesn’t work will work. The edges will be cleaner and sharper with a new key.

Since you say this is a stick, I’d look at the switch on the clutch pedal. I’ve never owned a stick shift Honda but am pretty sure they have that sort of a switch to make sure you have to depress the clutch before the starter is allowed to engage.
When that switch is bad, it will not allow you to start. You could potentially pull the connector off the clutch switch and short the two contacts on the connector to see if that’s your problem.

Edit: just noticed that you said the switch will not respond and it will not turn. If they key physically doesn’t turn, forget my above suggestion because it is wrong.
Go with the lubricant suggestion. PB blaster is better than WD40, tho.