Honda Fit ignition locking up

Does anyone have a problem with a Honda Fit ignition getting stuck so the key can’t be turned? My car is new and this has happened a couple of times. The last time I absolutely couldn’t start the car so had to leave it in the driveway and when I came back a couple of hours later, it turned right away. I know your are supposed to pull the steering wheel one way or the other while turning the key, but it wouldn’t budge! And it’s a manual transmission, too…And the wheels were not turned at all! Help…I don’t want to get stuck again like this! Any suggestions are appreciated…Thanks

The problem you’re having could be a few things.
You could try the following and see what happens. Put the car in 1st gear with the emergency brake on while fully depressing the clutch and try turning the key.
You could have a faulty ignition switch, should still be covered under waranty if your within years/mileage. Also check to see if there are recalls for this particular problem with you vehicle.
Lastly you may have a faulty micro chip or weak battery in the key itself. If this is the case the dealer may replace the key or change the battery in the key depending on cause. You can test this theory next time you have the problem by trying the spare key you received when you bought the vehicle.
Good luck.

Make it a habit to set the parking brake before removing you key. Also try using the clutch and brake while you turn the wheel.

Make, model, mileage and year of car could be helpful.

Remember, set the parking brake putting the transmission in park.

I know it’s a brain fart, but it’s funny how “clutch” and “park” wind up in the same post.

When you wiggle the wheel from side to side, try not to hold it against the stop then turn the key. That’s how you jam the ignition that you’re trying to free. If that doesn’t work, that’s what warranty is for.