Any way to have the power doors automatically unlock when putting '06 Ford F-150 in park?

Hello, I recently purchased a 2006 Ford F-150 XLT and don’t know very much about it, nor Fords in general. I was just wondering if there is any way to have the power doors unlock automatically when I shift into Park or turn the ignition off? It has the option to have the doors automatically lock once I reach 5-10 mph, but I can’t find any information about programming it to unlock automatically. It doesn’t have the programmable computer display, so everything requires pressing a bunch of buttons when the key is turned on accessory and things like that. I have kids who are always in the back seats, and it gets annoying trying to get them out of the truck when it’s off and I forget to manually unlock them. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

From the owner’s manual:

"Deactivating/activating power door lock/unlock disable feature
All vehicle doors must be closed before beginning the procedure. You
must complete Steps 1–5 within 30 seconds, or the procedure will have
to be repeated. If the procedure needs to be repeated, you must wait a
minimum of 30 seconds to begin again.

  1. Turn the ignition to the 3 (ON) position, then press the button
    three times.
  2. Turn the ignition to the 1 (OFF/LOCK) position, then press the
    button three times.
  3. Turn the ignition to the 3 (ON) position; the horn will chirp to
    indicate the driver configuration mode has been activated.
  4. Within five seconds, press the control two times. Note: One horn
    chirp should be heard, indicating the system has been disabled.
  5. Turn the ignition to the 1 (OFF/LOCK) position to exit programming.
    Note: After exiting the driver configuration mode, the horn will chirp
    once to indicate a feature has been activated/deactivated."

Thank you for the reply. I did try that, but it seems like it will only activate/deactivate the automatic power door lock feature, but not the unlock feature. I asked the dealer a couple of weeks ago and they said something about possibly being an option on a US made Ford, stating that if it was Canadian they didnt have that feature. I will try it again though to make sure. Thanks

Look at the VIN for the vehicle.

If the first number is a 2 it was manufactured in Canada.



I assume you are talking about small children right now possibly in car seats. I can understand the frustration of having to open the drivers door and unlock all doors. But I ask you think about when they get larger and can open doors themselves. If you were to stop and the doors unlocked kids as kids do could get in a hurry and open the door and jump out into traffic . When we have our friends kids in our car I activate the rear locking button so they can not open a door until we are ready for them to do so.

I feel your pain. When my kids were in car seats, the auto lock function almost drove me insane for the exact same reason. The driver’s door automatically unlocks when you open it from the inside, so you don’t realize all the other doors are still locked. And my wife refused to allow me to turn the auto lock function off. However, there is no auto unlock function. So turning the auto lock function off or training yourself to unlock all the doors are your only options. @“VOLVO V70” , these trucks also have a child safety feature on the doors to prevent the kids from opening the back doors from the inside. I trained my kids so I never had to use it, but it is there.

Maybe I’m not reading this right or maybe I don’t understand the problem . . but it seems like you’re complaint is that you have to unlock the rear seats of your vehicle after you park it and shut it off and you want this to happen automatically upon shutdown or placing it in park, correct? Can’t you simply use the unlock on your key fob to unlock all doors? First click on mine is drivers door unlock, second click is all doors unlock. If that doesn’t work, can’t you simply reach in your drivers door and manually unlock the rear door (your side) and get the kids out of their car seats? Again, maybe I don’t understand but it doesn’t seem like much of an issue, and I’d rather have the doors locked with the kids back there than not. Good luck! Rocketman