Location of trans filter?


Hi my name is Ray, and the question that I have .My wife has a 2004 Hyundai Accent with a 1.6 litter motor automatic trans! With 33,000 miles on it. I wanted to change the oil, and filter on the transmission, so I went to my local auto part store, and gave the guy all the info, but the filter he gave me is a external trans filter?I look all over the engine compartment, bottom top, and I can not find a external filter on this transmission it on the bottom pan of the trans, like in all other cars?You’re advice will be appreciated. thanks


An external filter is listed for your car. It’s probably for an optional package. Your automatic transmission takes an internal filter. The transmission pan will have to be removed to change it. I see a repair manual (the SMALL manual) in your future ---- if you intend to perform maintenance on the car.


If your local auto parts store is a national chain, then take the filter back to them and have them show you a drawing of its location on their computer. They all have this ability now. They can also give you installation instructions for just about everything they sell, some can even print them out for you.


thank you so much, for your help. I dint want to take the trans pan off and not find any filter, but now that I been inform, I can do it with confidence!


Well I went ahead, and took the pan off and sure enough the filter was there. I took it to the auto part store to match it with the right one, they had it in stock so next weekend you guys know what I’ll be doing. Thank you so much for your help!!!