Invisible Filter

I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra 2.0 automatic. I’m going to replace the transaxle fluid which is pretty straight forward. The transaxle fluid filter is another matter. Both the parts store and the dealer tell me there is an external filter (spin-on type similar to an oil filter) located somewhere on the transaxle housing. The dealer, however, says that it never replaces this filter when it replaces the transaxle fluid. I have looked everywhere above, below and beside the transaxle housing (including beneath the battery and air filter housing)and cannot locate the filter. It should not be that difficult to locate as the filter is about the size of the oil filter.

Anyone know where this filter is located so I can change it along with the fluid? Thanks.

I looked up your Elantra and it shows either a spin on filter or an “internal” filter. If you don’t see the spin on filter then the internal filter is under the transmission pan.

Thank you.

Why not buy a repair manual to resolve this question definitively?

Alldata indicates that the automatic transmission has either an external filter or an internal filter. The labor cost on changing the internal filter is 7.0 shop hours which includes R & I transaxle. There does not appear to be a bottom pan that can be removed to access the filter.

I learn more and more everyday about what kinds of things to avoid about a car design when buying one. This is a very strange thing unless there is an external filter. Even then I’d still like to be able to drop a pan and check out whats in it!

The only pan that appears on the ‘parts explosion’ is the side cover over the valve body. The transmission seems to split like the cast iron powerglide did, i.e. no bottom pan.