Trans Filter Change

On my two 1994 camrys, I changed the trans filter at 65K and then about 160K. Between that, I changed the fluid at least every 20-30K. I have an accord that states there isn’t a trans filter to change (I think there is one but it’s inside the trans housing). For my 2005 camry, it has 61K and I was going to changed the filter. I remember when I did the '94’s, that the screen was virtually free of anything. My question is - is this really necessary?? I mean if there are big parts/metal floating around, something is wrong. The small stuff gets on the metal magnetic drain plug. I’m not sure if there are magnets in the pan on this one as I haven’t taken it off yet. I change the fluid every 10-15K now and use the castrol import stuff (the accord I still buy honda as they really say to use that even though toyota says the same but honda really stresses it). Should I do this service??? thanks

Simply put, if it is listed in the owner’s manual, it is necessary. If the dealer is saying you need it, it MAY be desirable, if a Quick lube place is saying it, you have made an error, never visit any quick lube place!

It certainly is a good idea to change/clean the filter when changing fluid.  If for no other reason, a good tech will be able to tell a lot about the condition of the transmission by seeing what might be there.  So good idea, but not required IMO.

The place I patronize will show you the bottom of the pan when it’s off, as well as the old filter. Once you have seen the debris, you will automatically want to clean/replace the filter or screen every time you change the fluid. It’s just like an oil change; you would be foolish not to change the filter at the same time, although my 1965 Dart had instructions to change the filter every second oil change, which I ignored.

This is one area where it usually pays to be more conservative than the manufacturer recommends i.e. change the fluid and filter more often tan the owner’s manual states. Heat is the great enemy of transmissions because it damages the fluid.

If you are asking if you should stick to the fluid Toyota recommends as opposed to a more generic type (your post isn’t entirely clear), absolutely, positively use only Toyota-approved fluid. It can be an aftermarket brand (if available; I have no idea if it is), but it MUST state that it meets the exact standards listed in your owner’s manual. Modern transmissions tend to be extremely sensitive to the fluid you use.

In short, change your fluid AND filter every 25-30k. Like NYBo said, use ONLY Toyota fluid. About the Honda, It DOES have a filter, it can only be replaced during overhaul because the Honda transmission is a 3 piece case with NO pan to remove. To service the Honda, drain and refill using ONLY Honda fluid.