2005 Camry Trans Filter Change Comments


Not sure how many are going to change their trans filter but I did last weekend. I did have a snag or two. First off, the 4 bolts on the left side under the A frame needed an off-set box 10mm wrench. With time, they came off. Once I drained the fluid and got the bolts off, the pan came off. I took the gasket off and then the 3 bolts to the filter. It was metal with a fiber mesh (not screen like in the 1994 camry) media in a 1/2 metal, 1/2 black plastic filter housing. I tried to put the new filter on (Pep Boys had one but autozone and advanced auto didn’t carry filters. I didn’t try napa nor the dealer as the dealer is usually 2x the cost) but the filter holes didn’t match the old filter or car. I went back to pep boys and they 2006 filter holes were a match to what came off my car. The gasket that fit was the 2005 filter kit. Turns out after installing the filter/gasket and then the gasket and pan (note it was easy to put the gasket on/in place as I put 4 bolts through the pan in the corners and the rubber gasket holes were tight so it didn’t move when installing the other bolts) and then tightened the bolts. I put fluid in (castrol for imports) and then drove/checked for leaks. Did I have to do it? the old filter didn’t show signs of junk but the car does seem a little smoother in shifting gears (I don’t think it was the fluid cause I’ve changed it 4x in 62K miles). The pan inside had gray metal dust on the magnets and the bottom of the pan which I cleaned. I would say this could be done at 100k unless you want to do it more often like me or go to the dealer. Toyota says that you don’t have to change the fluid and doesn’t mention the filter in the manual maint. schedule so go figure. Note: in purolator’s website, there are two listing for trans’ in my 2005 - the U241E which uses the P1293 filter (2005 model what the guy gave me first) and the U250E trans that uses the P1303 filter kit (the 2006 version). Also, pep boy thinks something was wrong as one kit should have fit for the trans so maybe the gasket/filters were screwed up at the factory. The P1303 gasket kit was close but not perfect so I used the P1293 gasket. I got reimbursed for the cheaper kit at pep boys. next time I might go to the dealer unless the cost is over buying both kits at pep boys!!! okay, that’s it. Good luck if you do this and hope this helps anyone who might have the same issues.


I have an '04 with the 4cyl and about 55k miles so it’s about due for a fluid change so I really appreciate the information. I ran into this on my Trailblazer but fortunately I had read about it on a site dedicated to them and discovered there was an overlap in model years and the way to tell which filter you needed could be ascertained by the pan shape and height.

Still, the filter I bought did not have an adapter required for the inlet so I had to take it back anyway. That was the only filter they had so I ended up driving another 40 miles roundtrip to get one. Nothing ever seems easy, eh? Thanks again for taking the time to post your experience, much appreciated!


Did anyone ask you about your VIN? VIN will show when your car was made-either early 2006 or later 2006. Yours probably was late 2005 which explains the parts from early 2006 fits. This happens to my 98 Corolla. They finally got it right after they checked my VIN.


I checked autozone and advanced auto and neither stocked the part. I was surprised pep boy did. No, the guy just asked year/make/model/cyl and not the VIN. I got the car in july of 2005 so take that for what it’s worth. my advice is to either go to toyota and pay the price for the right one or make sure they have both at pep boys (I never called napa). With yours being (other poster above) a 2004, maybe you won’t have an issue. Do a search for purolator and go to applications on their site. It will list oil, air, cabin, and trans filter model numbers. I might even do this after sending this note. On another subject, I know when I searched for the honda trans to use castrol vs dealer fluid (later realized I still had the window sticker with listing options/equipment in my files that said 5 speed trans) but the honda place asked for the VIN to tell me if it was a 5 speed or CTV - they said the accords do have CTV’s but the net and some other folks say no but that’s my honda situation not this toyota posting so sorry for the rambling. The 2006 filter fit and was perfect match (I wondered if purolator made it for toyota it was so close except for some numbers/etching) but the pan gasket was just off on the corners (rounded vs. more square). Would it have worked? probably yes but the 2005 gasket fit perfectly to mine that came off. I do think purolator screwed something up in the two boxes. So far, no leaks and it drives fairly well - still feel the shifts but it seems slightly smoother. Another thing, when you take the 3 long bolts off the filter, the filter stays in place as it has a gasket around the plastic round cup so to speak. To get the new one on, I had to put the gasket on the filter of course and push it in the hole of the trans housing. You’ll feel it sort of pop in place (a good push to get it in) and then I tightened the bolts and put the gasket/pan in place. You might want to get 2-3 trans bolts for the pan (there are 18) just in case you round or mush one or two. I didn’t remove the bottom plastic underbody protector and just bent it a little to get the socket extension on the nuts/bolts and one was slighly rounded. Have patience with the 4 on the left side under the a frame. they’ll come off but you’ll get tired of turning and turning to get them out. good luck and enjoy doing it yourself!!!


I just checked purolator and found the same two filters listed. there are two trans’ (241 and 151). Here’s the copy under the trans filter column. guess you might have the same issues???

P1293 - filter number
U241E - trans number

P1303 - filter number
U151E - trans number