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Little Black Bugs in car

I just got my car detailed and bombed because I had nests of little black bugs crawling all over my floor and back seat. They do not hop and they do not fly. The detailer did not specifically know what kind of bugs they were, but when they gutted my car, they noticed a sawdust type of material under the seats and in the spare tire area which could have been eggs since the live ones were crawling around there. Can anyone tell me if they have seen that and what type of infestation I had? Car is clean now, after $700.

This is a car forum. You might be better off asking at an entomologist’s forum. If you go that route, be sure to mention where you live and to provide a better description than “little black bugs.” A photo, maybe.

Should they reappear, you may be better off dealing with an exterminator than with a detailing crew.

P.S. My guess is that they are carpet beetles.

Does your state university system have a “cooperative extension” near you? They could probably help.

Check the owners manual!