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Insects in Car HELP!

So a few weeks ago I was driving and I see a small little spider run across my dash… Ick but ok, its just a small spider, I can handle that. A couple of days later, again driving, a larger spider slides right down its web right in front of my face. I nearly ran the car off the road! Then last week, as I was getting into my car there was a HUGE spider crawling on the inside panel between the front door and the back door right by my head. This one was too big to ignore but of course it got away before I could kill it :o( Then the final straw: This morning I go to get in my car and there is a Palmetto Bug the size of Texas on the floor board of the drivers side. Put a fork in me, I’m done. No way can I get in this car let alone drive it! I mean the saftey hazards alone. So… my first question is how in the world are they getting in?! I drive a 1998 Volvo S90. And my 2nd question is, can I fumigate a car??!

First, you have to realize that the spiders are there because of the presence of insects in your car. Spiders feed on many insect pests.

The reference to “Palmetto Bug” causes me to think that you live in the Deep South of the US–possibly in Florida–where they euphemistically refer to the native giant cockroaches as “Palmetto Bugs” (“Oh, we don’t have roaches in the house darlin’, its just some Palmetto Bugs” Yeah–right).

Anyway, the bugs would not be living in your car unless there is a food source for them. And, of course, the spiders would not be there unless there was an abundance of bugs. So–tracing the situation backwards, tells you that you need to thoroughly vacuum and scrub the car’s interior in order to eliminate crumbs and other food-related detritus, and then vow to NEVER again eat in the car. Even the presence of empty soft drink cups, bottles, or cans could provide enough incentive for bugs to take up residence in your car.

After the interior has been thoroughly sanitized, I would suggest that you set off one of those time-delay bug bombs inside the car, with the windows closed. Then, after several hours, air out the car completely, wipe down everything to remove insecticide residue, and take comfort that your infestation should be ended.

Wow! Absolutely great posting, VCD. Good job!

I was going to say diatomaceous earth, but though it will kill the bugs while being totally harmless to humans (you can eat the stuff) it will not kill the spiders.

You probably don’t want to keep a pet snake in the car, do you?


Then the next step will be to ask, "How do a get a snake out from behind my dashboard?"
As you may recall, we have had that question already.

Connect a hose to your exhaust pipe and the other end through a partially opened window and seal off the rest of that window with duct tape. Start the engine - GET OUT OF THE CAR - and let the fumes fill the car for 20 minutes. Then hold your breath, open the driver side door, get in, shut the engine off - GET OUT OFF THE CAR - open up all the other doors and air the car out for 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

Re: CO poisoning: you might also consider a short, large diameter breathing tube that you could wear during this exercise. Something like a snorkeling tube with an extension. Breathe in through your mouth, and out through your nose. And do this outside - not in a garage.

Also, My SIL grew up in Texas. She says that the roaches dine on the glue holding cardboard boxes together. That’s why they transfer everything to sealable, plastic bins when they get home from the store.

also note, that with modern vehicles, the emissions equipment will most likely make it much more difficult to do. You may run a full tank of fuel down and still not do anything. Hell, depending on where you live, the emissions coming out of a modern car is actually CLEANER than the air it sucks in.

Another example how the govt. has intruded into our lives; we can’t poison anything with car exhaust anymore.

cut a small hole in the floor board and the exhaust pipe before it gets to the catalytic converter, THEN you’ll be able to do it.

Hey, that’s how my ex tried to get me. ALmost worked, but I’d like to think I’m smarter than the average insect. On the other hand, I WAS with him…lol. :flushed:

You are responding to a 5 year old conversation…

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Five years or not, it’s still likely current for someone out there. I agree with VDC though.

I’ve never had much problem but I do remember getting in my 59 Pontiac to drive to school and I had a whole family of ants on the floor with ants crawling up my leg. I think I just killed them all and that was the end of it. I was on the freeway once though and had a hornet buzzing around inside the car so I just pulled off as soon as I could and took care of him. Never thought about carrying a fly swatter in the car with everything else.

If you can capture one or get a good photograph of one you could take it to your state’s Department of Agriculture office. Their services are free and they’ll give you a complete analysis of what they are, their habits, how to deal with them, and perhaps even how to repel them safely. They have real expertise in this area. I’ve used the one my state, and got a complete scientific analysis of some little beetles including their scientific names, nesting habits, and where to look for their nest. All for free.