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Insect Infestation

I have a 99 Beetle and I think it may be infested with fleas or some other insect from the field mice that like to winter in my my car. Any suggestions on how to “de-bug” my car?

Time to call Orkin.

Or a home fumigator kit. They’re probably deep inside upholstery and up under the dash etc. Read and follow the directions to a tee. Some home fumigators can be explosive under the wrong circumstances. ( like people thinking more is better or not allowing proper ventilation afterward before energizing electrical. )

We have had a number of postings over the years, how to keep mice out of cars.

Here in Mexico, I have ultrasonics in my house, and there is a sharp reduction in mice and scorpions. Home Dept and such places tend to sell lower powered ones than we have in Mexico. The problem is the need to plug it in every time when you park at hom.

If you have a garage, fumigate the garage with the car inside and the windows down.

You need to catch some of your bugs to find out what kind of vermin you have. Different insecticides are used for different pests.

(I hope this isn’t a gag post. “My Beetle has insects!”)

No pest strip for two days should kill everything.