Hi – my car is infested with some kind of biting insect that doesn’t respond to anything: insecticides, bombs, powders, vacuuming. I was able to eradicate the same bug (which is invisible) from my house, but they seem to hang on in the car. Help?


It would certainly help if you told us the insect that was eradicated from your house. Didn’t the exterminator tell you? Check your receipt. Call and ask. My guess would be chiggers (which are not true insects) but there should be no need for us to guess.


this might fly in the face of a sane response, but…

buy one of those citronella candles. light it inside the car, and leave the window open. maybe the smoke will drive the bugs out.

but then you’ll have a smelly car.

but DONT let the candle catch the car on fire.

then again, gasoline is explosive, so maybe this isnt such a good idea huh?


No i.d. on the bugs. The pest control guy sprayed based on my guess that it was mites. Nothing has been seen – even under microscope – but we’re definitely getting bitten. Bites are mite-like (it’s not scabies). Problem started in the house, which makes me doubt chiggers. I think I’ve ruled out bedbugs, too.


kate car huh? any chance you live in Missouri?