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My car has been overtaken by spiders!!! I thought I had them taken care of after all the babies hatched, my husband removed what he could, our friend was using the car so he had it detailed and a week later I open the door to get in and it’s once again filled with a beautiful webbing, but one that I cannot bear to climb into! The car has leather seats and I’m leery of what might happen if I use bug spray (which I’m very opposed to breathing anyway) Anyone have any ideas?

You might want to see a professional exterminator like Orkin for this job. Call them and see what they say.

by your description of the web it is not a harmful spider. Black widows, the worst bites, weave a tangled web, in a dark and obscure place like the tail light. the next worst, the violin brown recluse is one that hides in fabrics not leather seats. Catch some flies, and turn them loose in the car. when the spider comes out to wrap them up for later eating, catch the spider and turn it loose outside. or have hubby do it. this is a harmless spider that has got into the wrong place. call me superstitious, but I dont like to get on the wrong side of spiders.

Great advice… I don’t want to be on the spiders bad side either…I’m sure they’re not black widow… although I’ve only seen the babies… small white round bodies with, of course, eight tiny legs… daddy long legs? Which don’t bite…it’s just the thought of traveling with spiders creeps me out!

You could also call your state’s Department of Agriculture office. The have experts in all sorts of pests and their services are free. A few years back helping a friend I contacted them about a pesky beetle, and they told us exactly what it was, where it nested, what it ate, and how to be rid of it.

I was just reading that all spiderlings have not color in order to hide from prey, so it may not be what I was thinking… I’ll call the Ag office and see what the best advice is they have. I’m not against setting them all free, I’m just not sure how to go about it and still be able to use my car by Monday…

Connect a hose to your exhaust pipe and the other end through a partially opened window and seal off the rest of that window with duct tape. Start the engine - GET OUT OF THE CAR - and let the fumes fill the car for 20 minutes. Then hold your breath, open the driver side door, get in, shut the engine off - GET OUT OFF THE CAR - open up all the other doors and air the car out for 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary.