List of cars


Where can I get a list of all the cars and the type and quantity of oil required and OEM parts of each car?


Go to an on line parts store and check out all the parts listed for those cars. Have fun! This won’t take more than a couple of years.


There must be a database somewhere. Is anyone aware of such a database?


Professionals use a service like Mitchell ProDemand, subscription required. Oil type, capacities, part numbers, repair information etc.

Oh and I should have added “free”.


I gotta ask - why?

Maybe writing a book or maybe a car repair App to make a lot of money.

I doubt there is a complete data base anywhere.
What is the oil capacity of a 1918 Maxwell?


I don’t understand the need for a complete listing of all OEM parts for every car made. That would be pointless and massive. Oil types for modern era cars is readily available on the internet.

It’s doubtful that you would find any info on a 1918 Geronimo; which happens to be the only one left in the world from a 4 year production run and is local. Factory burned in 1920 and that was that…

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Why in the world do you need that. You might only use 1 % of the information .

On a site called Carbibles they have what are a combination of review/buyers guide/ and a list of oils and things like filters and spark plugs that are preferred for that vehidle. 1994-1998 Land Rover Discovery is the latest one, Mostly enthusiast cars like the Focus ST or the Porsche Boxster.

That is an excellent point. The OP did state “all the cars”.
I wonder if the OP also wants data on trucks and SUVs, or just cars.

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This person also has a thread asking where to buy oil filters . He thought that 20.00 at the Mercedes dealer was to much so maybe he wants to try and find a vehicle with cheap parts . Good luck on that.


Well send me one of those thread hacking coffee mugs. I broke my Car Talk one. Some of you may cringe but when I checked on the last oil change I did on the Acura, it was 10 months ago and 2,000 miles. What did I do? I grabbed a $6 OEM filter off the shelf and changed oil. Going out of state and just couldn’t stand to not change the oil that long. So I dunno, $6 or $20 every 10 months is not budget killer. The increase in gas prices over the last 6 months cost me much more than an early oil change. All things in balance.

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you can always go to Walmart. they have a tablet you can put in your vehicles and it will tell you the filter number of the each of the filters they have. they also have books you can look through by the tire dept. desk that will also show you what filters you can use for your vehicle and also what weight oil for your cars. for parts you can go to rockauto .com

Um, that would be all the parts the car is made of. But I don’t think that’s what you are asking. Please clarify.

You want a database containing millions and millions of parts that would still be incomplete because I doubt if anyone has even a list ofll the cars ever made let alone all their parts… \ Some, they only made one of before they gave up on.

Ans Oh yes, you want it for free.
Doesn’t anybody screen these posts? To parsphrase Click and Clack.

Then there were cars that had OEM authorized dealer modifications. I remember dealers displaying authorized, dealer installed installed performance parts.
Had a Newman Altman catalogue from 1972 that had Studebaker and Packard parts. But how would that help me or the OP now?