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2002 Mazda Protege5 - Where do I get parts?

Hey all,
I’m looking to change the oil in my mazda for the first time. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of oil filter I need to get? The owner’s manual doesn’t say. Also if anyone has any helpful tips for a first timer it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Any place that sells filters will have a chart so you can look up what filter fits. You could actually use Walmart web site and know which one before you even leave the house.

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Stop by the auto parts store, tell them what car, the year and the engine you have and they will sell you the appropriate filter. Don’t buy the cheapest but you don’t need to buy any “special” synthetic filters either. Brands like Fram, Purolater, Mobil 1 or Wix are all good.

Next, buy the oil in the weight recommended by the manufacturer. If the rating for the oil is “SH” that is an alphabetic quality rating. That means if the oil is rated SJ, or SM, those are fine to replace the older SH. If you really have a 02 Protege, regular oil is fine. No need for synthetic but it is OK if you do use it.

Look for YouTube videos of oil changes, especially your car. When you change it, the engine should be warm. After jacking the car and putting it on jack stands, remove the oil pan plug an let it drain into a large pan. I always remove the oil filler cap and leave it off until I’m done and there is oil in the engine. Replace the gasket on the plug and but it back into the pan. It doesn’t need to be gorilla tight but tight.

Loosen the oil filter and let it drain - keep the pan handy! Remove the filter. Make sure the gasket is ON the filter and NOT on the engine! If the rubber ring sticks to the engine, pull it off. Rub a little fresh oil on the new filter’s gasket and pout a bit into the center of the filter. Put it on the car, hand tight.

Refill the recommended amount of oil less about 1 quart (or 1/2 a quart in the case of your Protege). Start the engine. The red oil light will take a few long seconds to go out, 5 or so, and turn off the engine. Check the filter and plug for leaks. Put the car back down. Check the oil level, add as needed. Dispose of your waste oil properly.

Volvo and MustangMan are right, but I have been using Amazon a lot lately for simple car parts. So far, I have not been disappointed. Amazon has a lookup system that allows you to tell it what exact vehicle you have and it then lets you know if the part fits. Maybe stick to shops for the oil filter, but if are looking for other parts like cabin air filters and such Amazon is a great resource. I don’t have any financial relationship with Amazon other than me giving them money. Getting the filter is not going to be the biggest PIA. That will be returning the used oil.

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Thanks all! Oil change went smoothly. Now I just gotta find a place to take the used oil and filter.

Most places that sell oil are also required to recycle the used oil.

If that’s not convenient, most local landfills have recycling facilities for oil, antifreeze and even the jug it came in.

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Oh my gosh I HAVE been disappointed! Several times! Amazon’s auto parts search is awful, their descriptions of parts is worse and I recently ordered brake pads and they sent the wrong part number.

That said, IF you have the part number you KNOW is correct (obtained from, say, RockAuto) you can search for that specific part. Your chances of getting the right part increase but Amazon can still send you the wrong part number. At least if you are a prime member, shipping on heavy stuff, like brake rotors, is free. The prices are not always competitive so check the AutoZones and O’Reilly’s and others.