No Oil Filter Spec in Owners Manual

My Granddaughters 2006 Honda Civic 1 8L has no mention that I could find for the oul filter number

Pick your brand, they have lookup guides in every parts store I have been to, though with my toyota I always got the toyota filter from the dealer as I had heard some aftermarket filters did not have a backflow preventer. Compare prices and make your choices.

You go to the parts store and say, " I need an oil filter for 2006 Honda Civic with the 1.8L engine."

How is Honda suppose to know where you buy your oil filters from, or what brand?


Honda part number 15400-RTA-003

I have never looked in the manual for an oil filter number. That is what the charts at the parts store are for . Of course I use the Fram booklet because we get a retirement check from Fram.

And not everybody has a Honda dealer just down the road.


Same thing with my Kia. Filters at the dealership are $6 but at $35 for an oil and filter change, inspection and, hand wash/vacuum every 6 months I let them do it. I pass on the tire rotation as my trusted tire shop does that for free. They can set air pressure to 35 PSI which is perfect while the dealership is required to set it to the door sticker 32 PSI which is OK most of the time until the temperature drops to 25F and triggers the TPMS.

I have my oil filters delivered by the case, saves money/gasoline by not driving to the parts store and buying one or two at a time.

You must have a pole barn or a small warehouse to be able to store cases of just oil filters for every vehicle on the road?


I have filters for my vehicles, there is no reason for me to stock other filters.


Do you ever think about trading vehicles and then go, “Ahhh, dang, I still have half a case of filters left!”? :thinking:

It’s even worse when you have to scrap a vehicle, and you have a half of a case of filters!

If your trading the vehicle, that would be a plus.

If you’re scrapping the vehicle, you throw the filters in the vehicle.


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An oil filter costs about the same amount as a hamburger, I could give them away or throw them away.

I bought my Stratus 19 years ago and my Neon 7 years ago, both use the same filter. I bought a case of filters for my 1973 Plymouth 15 years ago. Trade cars? Who would want to trade with me?


If I bought a case of oil filters, my engine would probably blow the day after UPS delivered them. Haha!

Listing the part numbers for maintenance items is typical for some domestic brands . . .

not so much for many import brands

One of my cars uses exactly the same oil filter and wiper blades as my brother’s car . . . and they’re not even the same brand

I think that’s the standard Honda filter used on about anything but I’d have to check the numbers. At $5.50 a piece on line, I buy a half dozen at a time plus the washers for 50 cents. They’re about $10 at the dealer. I always like to have a few on the shelf in case I have a problem with one. When I got rid of my Buick, I had about six AC filters for it but I traded them in at the parts store. I think I only got a couple filters in exchange but I hated to just throw new filters away. They guy wouldn’t put them on the shelf again but could use them on his own cars.

How does Toyota know where Or what brand spark plugs I want to buy, yet every Camry I have owned (6 at last count) listed both the NGK and Denso part number in the owners manual.

Just checked my Fords owners manual to see
It lists Motorcraft part numbers for for both available engines for the.
Air Filter
Fuel filter
Oil Filter

But for spark plugs it says, “See your authorized Ford dealer”

Numbers can change, the oil filter for my car was superseded by a new number.,2006,civic,1.8l+l4,1432623,engine,oil+filter,5340

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