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Can I get some help here? I'm a bit embarrassed! Former Mazda Parts Dept. Manager can't look-up parts, not even a %@&# oil filter!

My 22 year-old daughter bought a new Mazda a couple weeks ago and headed to her next 4 years of college. She’s always working and studying with little spare time. Good kid!

Dad is here to help
I thought I’d investigate maintenance items for her since she asked me some questions about it. I’m trying to figure out oil changes and tire rotations, for starters. She will no doubt be using the dealer for this, at least as long as the warranty and the schedule is in her Manual (I was able to download it on my PC, too).

The embarrassing bit
Hey guys, I managed a Mazda dealer parts department, back in the day, for 2 years. Just for the heck of it I went online to see what OEM oil filters go on it and I couldn’t! I feel like I’m losing it. The sites that claim to sell parts either don’t show a 2017 or don’t show her model, etcetera.

Zoom, Zoom Vehicle introduction
The vehicle is a 2017 Mazda CX-5 AWD 2.5L SkyActiv and I believe (guessing) it’s the Touring model version.

Help me, please
If somebody can steer me to a place that I can search and find OEM Mazda parts for this particular vehicle, I’d really appreciate it. A DIY look-up would be great.

Keep in mind
I have a crappy PC connection (landline). I can’t do awesome things with it, but after many, many minutes I could download an entire Mazda Owner’s Manual. That’s really stretching it!


If she is going to use dealer service while under warranty why even worry about it now? At the end of warranty she may A. No longer want the vehicle B. Some fool has crashed into it and totaled the vehicle and hopefully no harm to daughter C. She has found some really nice person to change it for her.

I feel your pain. I’m no help except often for the consumer it takes a while before new car information starts to appear on web sites. All I’ve done is get the parts from the dealer at the parts counter for six months or so. Then you’ve got the part numbers etc. All you should need though are oil filters, oil plug washers, air filter, wiper blades, etc. but nothing for a few months anyway. I always also just picked up an initial supply of the fluids for any top off like brake, power steering, and coolant to have on the shelf. Most of the time never have to buy it again.

Oooo… thanks for reminding me! I mentioned it to her and then I think we both forgot about it. Perhaps good old Dad will surprise her with some Genuine Mazda chemicals when I go to see her new apartment.

She’s pretty darn good about checking and correcting fluids. She “borrowed” my wife’s Impala (the one that just hit a kayak) FOR THREE YEARS and just returned it when she bought a much nicer brand new car! Kids! Women! :smile:

She kept a crate in the trunk with all the fluids and her code reader and she knew where they all go. A code reader is handy for a kid away at school. One phone call and they can be given advice if a problem suddenly pops up.

Actually, my daughter helped quite a few kids at school by diagnosing a “check engine” light for them with her code reader and then using a smart phone to advise.

I never go on a vacation without one.

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I think you have an error in your data. Mazda parts lists don’t show a CX-5 as a 2017 model. They show a CX-3, a CX-9, and an MX-5. NOTE: they DO show a CX-5 for the 2016 model.

Doublecheck your data and post back.

I know, right? That’s what I’m talking about. Data is correct. Here’s the manual I downloaded for it.
2017 Mazda CX-5 - Owner’s Manual (626 pages)

Wow, just for kicks went to check. Dealer service special for Mazda using dinosaur oil $10 more than for my F150 with synthetic blend oil.
Aside from that, why OEM parts. Sure my oil filter says Motorcraft but who really makes it? Purolator? Fram? Likewise for air, cabin and fuel filters.

There’s someone on eBay selling Mazda OEM filters and oil for a 2017. Price is about 45 bucks for the filter, oil, and drain plug gasket.

The seller is “mazdapartsmedcenter”. You might contact them through the “Ask seller a question” feature and see about buying the filter only; or bulk packs of filters. They’re apparently a Mazda OEM dealer.

They have great feedback as a seller and a great selling history so they should be rock solid reliable to deal with.

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Let’s check the math here $45 for DIY oil change vs $39.99 to have the dealer perform the oil change
Correction here: SkyActiv requires synthetic oil. Dealer oilchange 69.99

The manual didn’t come through, but since you’ve forwarded the manual I believe you.
Try OK4450’w suggestion and see how it works out.

1WPE-14-302 (If this page has the correct info)

Thanks, guys!

I’m used to easily looking up OE stuff for my GM cars and it’s a cake-walk.

Some of you who tried looking up a Mazda filter get a sense of why I’m a bit frustrated with it.

@wolyrobbThat’s the part# I am coming up with, but what’s eith listing a filter by one that fits Sky-Activ, rather than by make, model, year, engine? Yikes!

I found a link from the site you suggested (Med Center Mazda). It’s supposed to be a Mazda Parts Catalog, but I haven’t had time to put my spurs on and persuade my PC into downloading enough to make it work for me.
So, I don’t know if this is what I’m looking for, yet. I hope so.

It would be much easier if the Mazda sites would add the 2017 to their catalog, some sites (and dealers) refer to these as 2016.5 vehicles so it’s not as simple as it really could be

RockAuto shows the same Wix filter for 2016 and 2917…hmmmm…

I went to Amazon, typed in Mazda Brand Filters. Yes they Mazda brand.

Seems the Skyactiv engines do have some unique requirements. Just have the dealer do it.

No wonder!
You’ve been looking in the wrong place all along!
You have a car and should be looking for their LandActiv engine :wink:

(couldn’t resist a nod to the prior discussion about foolish marketing names)

Marine use would be SeaActiv?

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My Mazda dealer does all my oil changes for free. He uses an OEM Mazda filter and oil plug gasket along with synthetic 0w-20 from Castrol. I can’t do an oil change myself for less than that. I am at almost 100,000 miles and I have not paid for an oil change yet (2014 Mazda6 GT).

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