Parts needed for a service


How do I find out what parts are needed for a service?

For eg. for starter replacement on Honda Crv, I just need a starter assembly. However I would need starter assembly, intake manifold and coolant too for Grand Cherokee.

Where can I find this information?


Any parts store web site or the dealer parts counter .

No. The website does not tell me that Grand Cherokee needs intake manifold and coolant too to replace the starter on the vehicle.

OK , I give up . Why would you need anything but the starter for a Grand Cherokee of unknow year and engine.

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you can buy a Haynes or Chilton repair manual for your vehicle. they will show you how to do the repair and you will see what parts are needed.
also, I believe if you go to and put in your vehicle info and the part you need, there is a tab for related parts that you will need.


I would go to a NAPA store and talk to them. In my experience replacing a starter motor is simply that. What engine and year?

The above example is just for reference.

I am trying to create a database so I would need this for all makes and model.

So,all you are asking is for someone here to compile a list of every car repair for every make, model year and option that requires other parts to be replaced at the same time.

.I will get right on that, in my spare time. :rofl:


You have no idea what you are asking for nor do you have a grasp of the amount of work that would go into making a database, which would be beyond huge. Just take a look at the Rockauto website which just lists individual parts.

But if you could find the information why would you need to make a duplicate database?

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I am asking if there is already a database.

But if you want to get on it - thank you! lol

Services like All Data, Mitchell and Snap-on offer repair procedures for a fee, a multimillion-dollar business. They buy the repair information from vehicle manufactures, then resell it.

To collect repair information, one car and one repair at a time, will take a very long time. There are helpful posts here from people who have replaced certain parts but on this message board you will receive replies from people who do not know what you are talking about.

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You had a thread ( List of Cars ) wanting this same ridiculous data base . Find a new hobby.

You are getting the same answers .

For some cars, joining the brand owners club is best. Say you want a replacement pitman arm for a 1951 Kaiser Henry J, Google might get you there, but club members may well be a better source.

I don’t think the OP needed an intake manifold, but might have needed an intake manifold GASKET.

How to Replace the starter motor on the Jeep Cherokee 2014 to 2019 - YouTube

Now, all the OP has to do is to join every car brand owners club, and submit his queries to each of them. That should occupy all of the OP’s time–as well as the time of his descendants–for several decades.


Check out and see if there’s a video on how to replace the starter on your vehicle. Should give you a general idea.

Normally, that would be excellent advice.
However, the OP already informed us that…

I think that the OP is going to be very busy, for a very long time.

Not going to happen. Sorry but you’re being extremely naive or you really lack computer knowledge. This information isn’t easily attainable. To create this data from scratch would take YEARS AND YEARS and prone to errors. You’d need access to the manufacturers database or maybe something like AllData.

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I have access to Alldata and they dont have it either.

Has it occurred that what you want is not needed . Parts suppliers have the parts they carry in their own data base . Even a large independent vehicle shop would only use a very small portion of such a list and would be too expensive anyway .