2010 Cobalt Dripping fluid from Heater Outlet


My daughter just called, she is coming down the NJ Garden State Pkwy and noticed fluid dripping from the heater outlet. She pulled over and called me at work.

There’s no smell and the coolant temp and level are fine. I don’t think it’s the heater core as there is no smell. She was running the AC on Recirc so I am thinking it’s condensation from the AC. It’s 92 and humidity is 51%. I told her to put the AC on fresh air and keep an eye on the coolant temp. Anything else I might have missed?

Ed B.

Airconditioner condensation drain hose might be plugged.

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She made to the local exit and called me. We got the car home the driver side is wet, the passenger side is soaked. It’s not coolant. I will try cleaning the drain as you suggested.


Ed B.

I’d also get the carpet out ASAP, or at least peeled away from the floor, and dried in the sun or with fans or dehumidifier. A small diameter bottle brush, maybe with a wire extension, would be one way to clear the drain hose.

Quick update, drove the Cobalt to work today. I put the AC in recirc mode, within a few minuteswater started leaking from the blower motor case on the passenger side. By the time I got home (~15 minutes) the water was coming out in a steady stream.

I tried clearing the drain with some weedwhacker line. The drain tube is split into 2 halves, one side seemed clear, the other I was unable to feed the line in more than an inch or two. I was able to clear the clogged side with my air compressor. Somewhere between a quart and 1/2 gallon of water poured out after I cleared the drain. Hopefully this takes care of it.

Ed B.