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Air Conditioner 1999 Toyota Camry

When restarting the car after running the AC clean water leaks out of the floor vent onto my right foot. The floor mats on the driver’s side both front and back are soaked. What’s going on?

Your A/C evaporator drain line is probably plugged up. The A/C will pull water out of the air as it cools it, and the evaporator housing has a rubber hose at the bottom to drain it. If the drain gets clogged due to debris or mold build-up, the water backs up and will drain out of the next highest hole, like your floor vents.

Look under the dash on the passenger side. You should see the evaporator housing with a small rubber hose at the bottom that runs into the firewall. Pull the rubber hose loose and run a small wire or pipe cleaner into the evaporator housing to clear the plug.