Lincoln Zephyr window/roof auto-open

My 2006 Zephyr has a feature that opens the front windows and sun roof when the key/clicker unlock button is held for 2 seconds. If one wears tight jeans, the button is often held 2 seconds or more and the car opens up. This is a security hazard. Is there a way to program this option out of existance? I just don’t want this feature and the owners manual does not disscuss how to deactivate it.

Wear lose pants

This feature is controlled by the smart junction box


Try This

They still make Zephyrs? They still make tight jeans? I’d avoid either.
You can just yank the fuses for the automatic windows and the sun roof. You can for a lot more money have the systems rewired to manual switches.
I’d just sell the car or not wear tight jeans anymore.

No, the DDM (Driver’s Door Module).

This is a security hazard.
Well, even if the windows didn’t roll open, the doors would still be unlocked due to the unlock button being pressed. Your option is simple. Leave the remote locked in a drawer at home. Use your key to lock and unlock your car.