Lincoln Zephyr Window Problem

My friend has a Lincoln Zephyr, believe it’s a 2006 model, and she’s having a problem. She parks her car in the garage, leaving it unlocked. When she comes out in the morning, she sometimes finds the windows are down. Her husband keeps a spare key in his pocket. She figured that, while the key was in her husband’s pocket, maybe a button was being pressed causing the windows to come down. But they have tried pressing all the buttons on their keys, to cause a repeat of the symptom, but nothing happens. They have tried this with both keys. But the windows don’t come down. This has happened about 5-6 times, once while it was parked outside. We’ve tried holding down the lock button to see if this was it, but nothing happened. Any ideas what’s causing her windows to come down?

Thank you.

The Lincoln HAS a window opening feature in the remotes.
To activate this feature the unlock button must be held down for two seconds. Both windows and moon roof will open. ( page 79 in owner’s muanual )

When testing the remotes was the unlock button being held for 2 seconds ?

That’s entirely possible when they’re trapped in ones pocket or purse with other items.

It could be something else but that gets complicated and hard to diagnose.

Thank you. I believe my friend was holding down the unlock button for several seconds.

We just held the unlock button for 2 seconds (with car already unlocked) and the windows went down.

Our problem is solved. Thanks so much for your help. Her husband is forbidden from carrying spare key in pocket, unless he needs to drive the car.

Your friend might want to read the owner’s manual and see what other features that her car has that she doesn’t know about.